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    Can you believe it! The Left can’t. God’s personal pronoun references are capitalized while leftist pronoun references remain lower case. It’s trivial, but leftists have never let triviality ride off into the sunset.

    They whine and cry, “Why should this “whatever-he-is character,” whom we don’t even […]

    Women vs. Kavanaugh

    I’ve boeen reading and listening a lot to the ongoing sickening confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh. Despite an FBI report that found no corroboative evidence to support her claims of all kinds of sexual malfeasance on the part of Judge Kavanaugh, I see posts on facebook that continue the most sordid, unproven allegations against.

    Just […]

    Rachael Dolezal

    I recently saw a Netflix documentary on Rachel Dolezal. You remember her. For a while, she was a controversial semi-news celebrity and a comic’s goldmine. A woman born of white parents who has tried most of her life to be considered as black until it was discovered that she was white, white white. While “black” […]


    In the Wall Street Journal, October 7, 2017

    The Culture of Death—and of Disdain

    When news broke at Christmastime five years ago of what had happened at Newtown a friend, a news anchor, called and said with a broken voice: “What is the word for what we feel?” I thought […]


    “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.”

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

    In the June 27 issue of the “Weekly Standard” Barton Swain reviewed Stephen Hess’ book about the improbable association of President Nixon and Patrick Moynihan during the first two years […]

    Hillary To Propose Universal Hotel Care

    Hillary Clinton gave a shriekingly rousing speech on the campaign trail yesterday announcing a bold legislative plan to provide Universal Hotel Care to every travelling American. The AHCB or the Affordable Hotel Care Bill would guarantee every American an affordable hotel room or suite in any city in the United States, with no co-pay.

    “Our […]

    Bill Clinton Volunteers To Die To Boost Hillary’s Faltering Campaign

    In an effort to attract more voters and stem Hillary’s drop in the polls, the Clinton Campaign has launched the Authenticity Project, events and photo-ops that Hillary could shamelessly exploit to come across as genuine and not the lying, treacherous, two-legged, pants-suited creature that she is. That’s when Bill surprised everyone, stood up and valiantly […]


    Some years ago Michael Savage wrote a book called “Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder.” While I despise the liberal (I guess they’re now the Progressive) mindset, I wasn’t prepared to go as far as Savage.

    Well, times have changed, but the Liberal/Progressives have not. They’ve grown like kudzu and have emerged in the mainstream media, […]

    Why I Love Liberals

    After a few years of disparaging liberals, especially the ones who’ve morphed into leftist progressives (or whatever they’re calling themselves) I started to realize that I’m really in sync with them much more than I realized.

    They are the watchdogs against all that is wrong with America.

    The latest example is Stevenson College in […]

    The Totalitarian Left


    To those willing to look and examine the reality of today’s politics and events I think one can’t escape the observation that the left – Democrat, Liberal, Progressive – (or whatever they’re calling themselves these days) is structurally and fundamentally totalitarian. They want to control and censor those who disagree with them. […]

    The Religion Of Atheism

    The atheistic rallying cry appears most strongly at a time of religious celebrations like Easter and Christmas. That’s when they come out of the woodwork. This is a season when you can see them hawking their wares on TV, on YouTube and read what they have to say on editorial page columns, on blogs and […]