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    Johnny Manziel Failed Suicide Attempts

    Johnny Manziel Suicide Story

    Despondent after his dismal debut against the Bengals, Cleveland’s much heralded quarterback, Johnny Manziel, couldn’t shake his depression and wrote a suicide note. When finished, he left his home and went to Cleveland’s Euclid Avenue and stood in a bus kiosk with several extremely disappointed Clevelanders.

    As a bus approached, […]


    In a stunning announcement, Pope Benedict has d… […]


    Please Take Me Home


    Went missing January 6, 2008


    Eighteen by twenty four inches, beige with black impressions. Probably armed, but not violent.


    Last seen in White House January 5, 2008 by George W. Bush.


    Last person in its possession calls himself Barack H. Obama, a Progressivist who […]

    The Official Diaper Of the Obama Administration

    Hide the Stink

    Valerie Jarrett, the Obama Administration’s Dick Cheney³ , has told Obama operatives that PANDERS is the official diaper of the Obama administration and urges all Democrats and Progressives to use them at will. They can be dispensed at town hall meetings, mall openings, meet-and-greets and, of course, on the campaign trail, […]

    Renaming Everything To Martin Luther King

    On this Martin Luther King day, we at the Rena… […]

    Obama Will Introduce Universal Hotel Care

    With the nomination and probable election of Hi… […]

    Time For a Flushing

    No, not Flushing, New York, the city in Queens … […]

    A Case Of the Don’ts

    The most ubiquitous Don’t The political clim… […]

    Judge Overturns Prop 8

    Now that the campaign season is heating up a fu… […]

    Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Obama

    Adopt An Hispanic

    If people and companies with a few extra bucks … […]

    Title Songs For Movies That Didn’t Have Them


    [wpcol_1third id=”” class=”” style=””]FANTASTIC VOYAGE

    To the tune of Three Coins In the Fountain

    Our Fantastic Voyage! Who was first to reach his toes? Raquel went through the stomach, And was stripped of most her clothes.

    My route was the heart valve, Past the ribs shaped like a cage; Short cut right through the […]