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    What Would Jiminy Cricket Do?

    Some research has demonstrated that the belief that first thoughts are more right than wrong is a myth. In a survey, students who changed their first test answers to others were right a significantly larger percentage of times than those who stood pat.

    But what about first instincts? Say you find a wallet full of […]

    The Immorality Of Contemporary Liberals

    You have a good acquaintance whom you’ve known for a number of years. Let’s call him Joe. You’ve shared barbecues, ballgames, poker nights — you know, the usual stuff. Maybe he’s even a co-worker.

    You then discover that he has spread widely a big lie about you that damages your reputation. This is not an […]

    Liberal Denial and Deceit

    Been following the John Edwards story here in the Durham Herald Sun, a liberal rag laughingly called a newspaper, and I’m struck by the cravenness of this perfectly coiffed, despicable cockroach.

    I’m also struck by the fact that this man was allowed to appear on the Democrat ticket as vice-President and then again allowed to […]

    Obama Will Introduce Universal Hotel Care

    With the nomination and probable election of Hi… […]

    OWS and the Soviets

    The OWS phenomenon has reminded me of Sundays many years ago when my friend Koki Novikov would invite friends for dinner in her Brighton Beach neighborhood, an enclave for many Russian-Americans and recent Russian émigrés.

    When there, I observed the unhappiness of many newly arrived Russian men. This was not the famously chronic, brooding sadness […]

    Time For a Flushing

    No, not Flushing, New York, the city in Queens … […]

    Judge Overturns Prop 8

    Now that the campaign season is heating up a fu… […]

    On the Unbearable Cruelty Of Being Obama (1)

    Egg breaker Job Killer

    By now it should be clear that Obama places his ideology above the good of the people. He epitomizes Lenin’s famous justification for the great genocidal famine of the Ukraine in the pursuit of collectivisation: “If you want to make an omelet, you must be willing to break a few […]

    Turn Off the Radio You Fucking Spic Bastard


    That’s what I yelled, all you Mel Gibson haters. Twice.

    Not as bad as what was recorded coming out of Mel’s mouth, but I guess it’s enough to call me a racist.

    Turn off the radio, you fucking spic bastard.

    This was Manhattan in the early sixties. I had a cheap, rent-controlled apartment […]

    Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Obama

    Adopt An Hispanic

    If people and companies with a few extra bucks … […]

    Liberal Racism


    Reid’s comment joins Joe Biden’s “clean, articulate” remark about Obama in the library of the soft racism of liberals. They pretend to be color blind but sometimes say things that demonstrate race and color as being prominent in their thoughts and feelings.

    Would Biden have referred to Obama as “articulate, bright, clean and […]