From a piece published in PLAYBILL magazine.

PlayBill – Casey Stengel




  • Debbie King

    Hello John
    Are these the pearly, or maybe not so pearly, words of wisdom from a very “long time no see” once friend of mine who lived in HollyWEIRD, CaliPHONIA many moons ago? …as did I who fled to Costa Rica 23 years ago…opened a B&B. and now taking it easy 🙂
    I tried to register but. alas you are too popular , hence “Registration CLOSED ”
    It sure looks like you a well preserved older version “_
    So if the memory of a little redheaded Brit named Debbie King rings a bell ..Drop me a Line I would love to swap tales 🙂
    Debbie King

  • don wenzel

    I am a Dramatist Guild playwright residing
    in Chapel Hill, NC. My two-act musical play is nearing completion
    (book and many lyrics).. I wish to identify a composer with interest
    in show music and a willingness to collaborate on this venture.
    If you have personal interest, or can acquaint me with others, I would
    be happy to hear from you/them. Thank you, in advance – DW ”
    John, I live nearby. Like to chat? 919-933-1450 DON W

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