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    Liberal Denial and Deceit

    Been following the John Edwards story here in the Durham Herald Sun, a liberal rag laughingly called a newspaper, and I’m struck by the cravenness of this perfectly coiffed, despicable cockroach.

    I’m also struck by the fact that this man was allowed to appear on the Democrat ticket as vice-President and then again allowed to […]

    OWS and the Soviets

    The OWS phenomenon has reminded me of Sundays many years ago when my friend Koki Novikov would invite friends for dinner in her Brighton Beach neighborhood, an enclave for many Russian-Americans and recent Russian émigrés.

    When there, I observed the unhappiness of many newly arrived Russian men. This was not the famously chronic, brooding sadness […]

    Paul Begala and Venereal Disease

    There’s a website called Liberal Scum and while… […]