The Spring Bunny, 2015: Reprint (a cautionary tale)

Fluffy the Easter Bunny
R.I.P. Fluffy

We are coming to the end of another Easter season and the politically correct, leftist, Godless crowd known as progressive leftists (or something) are out in full force.  And it’s not Islamists who’re  making a fuss in Dearborn, Michigan.

So much tradition has been associated with Easter, the holiday that defines the Catholic Church.  We have Easter bonnets, Easter Seals, Easter Sunday, Easter baskets & cards, the great MGM film The Easter Parade — movie and song (written by a Jew, the great American, Irving Berlin.)  He gets it and he wasn’t even born here.

A few years ago, a victim  of the predatory, secular left was the Easter bunny.  See, these people have nothing in their lives except to stick their whiny buckets into their reservoir of complaint and come up with something else to piss people off.  Since 2007, they’ve been trying to replace the Easter Bunny with the Spring bunny because the Easter Bunny might offend some people.  Easter eggs have been redesigned as “spring spheres.”  You can find dead Easter bunnies in Walnut Creek, Ca., St. Paul, Minn and the Shops in Plano, Texas, where the Easter holiday is now the Spring holiday. More Easter bunny deaths are expected.

These holiday name changes are getting harder to keep track of than all the places renamed after Martin Luther King.

It will take awhile before people start calling this furry little rodent the Spring Bunny when Easter time rolls around. First, the President will have to change the name of it’s traditional White House egg hunt on their lawn to the Spring Egg Hunt or the Holiday Egg Hunt. The former name is preferable so as not to confuse this holiday with the holiday we hold in December.

Liberal Denial and Deceit

Been following the John Edwards story here in the Durham Herald Sun, a liberal rag laughingly called a newspaper, and I’m struck by the cravenness of this perfectly coiffed, despicable cockroach.

I’m also struck by the fact that this man was allowed to appear on the Democrat ticket as vice-President and then again allowed to announce and campaign for a run as president.

Are liberals & progressives – hard to distinguish them these days, so let’s call them Libgressives — a) stupid, b) insane, c) deceitful, d) liars, e) hypocritical, f) cynical, g) dishonest, h) deniers, i)  all the above?

The correct answer is “I.”

With definitions taken care of, is the Libgressive cabal in the Democrat party so (see “a” above)  as not to see through Edwards?


Is the Libgressive cabal in the Democrat party so despicably   (see “b”, “c”, & “d”)  that they might have suspected what a scumbag Edwards was and STILL stood by him  even though he could have been inflicted as President on the country  should former bemedaled Vietnam veteran John Kerry have suffered PTST from the time he didn’t spend in Cambodia during the war?

Ohhhh, yeah.

Are libgressives so “g” and “e” as not to have come out in force against Edwards’ affair, his mendacity, his disregard for his dying wife and children.

A hundred times yes.

When I say “in force,” I’m talking about Larry Craig “in force,” the Republican congressman who allowed his foot to slip under his bathroom stall as an invitation  to who knows what?  That story had thoroughbred legs for quite a while, thanks to the parasitic delight of libgressives and the running dog enablers of the libgressive media.