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    Ten Reasons To Vote For Paul Ryan

    Well, when you compare him to the other guy……………………………………..>>>>>>>

      1. Ryan never asked a crippled man to stand up.
      2. He never announced at a public function that an Irish Prime Minister’s mother was dead when she was alive.
      3. Ryan knows that FDR never went on television.
      4. He never mistook a living Supreme Court justice for a dead one.
      5. He never suggested that you had to be a foreigner (with an accent) to go into a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts.
      6. He’s not surprised that a black man is bright, articulate and clean.
      7. Ryan knows that the President’s name isn’t Barack America.
      8. He knows that “jobs” isn’t a three letter word.
      9. Ryan hasn’t plagiarized the speech and life of a British Labour politician, norĀ  his own law school papers.
      10. And, most important — Ryan doesn’t need hair plugs.

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