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    The Totalitarian Left


    To those willing to look and examine the reality of today’s politics and events I think one can’t escape the observation that the left – Democrat, Liberal, Progressive  – (or whatever they’re calling themselves these days) is structurally and fundamentally totalitarian.  They want to control and censor those who disagree with them.  They decide, from their smug, elite, often well-to-do status, what is not worthy of seeing or saying.  I choose to illustrate things that are NOT worthy because The Left only names s worthy only what they approve of.  To everything else they bring their inherent negativity, anger, amorality, denial and deceit.  Or they blame it on Republicans, past and present.  They’re good at finding a way to do this.

    As a current example of the totalitarian mind set, I direct you to a story in The Daily Caller about a pro-Hillary group HRC Super Volunteers who tweeted this message of warning to New York Times’ reporter Amy Chozick:  “We will be watching, reading, listening and protesting coded sexism.”  As examples of “coded sexism” they’ve listed twelve words and phrases you shouldn’t use when talking or writing about Hillary:  polarizing, calculating, ambitious, disingenuous, insincere, over confident, represents the past, out of touch, entitled, will do anything to win, inevitable and secretive.

    Is this group sanctioned by Hillary?  Doubt it!
    Does she even know about them?  Probably — they’ve been active for her since 2008
    Does Hillary approve of this kind of message?  Don’t know.

    The point is that this is the mind-set of the loony left.  They come up with these kinds of mind boggling ideas and inflict them upon us like a virulent plague.  And try to force others to fall into line.

    The irony here is that by naming these twelve words, they seem to admit tacitly that Hillary actually suffers from these descriptions.  You don’t ask to ban something that someone is not saying about you, only things they are saying about you because this is the vibe what you give off.  This is how you present yourself, Hillary.  It ain’t nice.

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