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    Some years ago Michael Savage wrote a book  called “Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder.”  While I despise the liberal (I guess they’re now the Progressive)  mindset, I wasn’t prepared to go as far as Savage.

    Well, times have changed, but the Liberal/Progressives have not.  They’ve grown like kudzu and have emerged in the mainstream media, academia, environmentalia, stupid studentia and, of course, with the Democrat politicians who cravenly encourage and exploit their mistaken, uninformed, stubborn zealotry.

    At their core, progressives are natural-born totalitarians.   Since I believe people naturally prefer freedom and liberty, I find it hard to accept that they would freely choose a ruling system that severely curtails, cripples and removes liberty from their lives.  It’s like saying a person freely chooses to be black or gay or ugly or fat, qualities that in today’s society still bring much grief to those who possess them.

    Hardly anyone would choose any of those characteristics for themselves.  That’s how they were born.   Much of it is troubling, burdensome and often unjust.  But, those were the DNA cards they were dealt.

    I believe that people are born to want liberty and freedom and would not choose to be totalitarian, or to willingly accept totalitarian rule.  But they do.  They are The Progressives.  This societal species mindlessly and eagerly accepts government intrusions in their lives, government regulations, increased government confiscation of wealth and property, petty politically correct stipulations, irrational fear of opposing ideas, a willingness to ban the speeches of opponents (a clear 1st Amendment violation) — all that and they ask for more of the same.

    Michael Savage must be right.   What else but a mental disorder would cause human beings to reject their birthright of freedom and liberty?  Communism, Fascism, and other regime “ism’s” don’t count because the absence of freedom and liberty is forced upon them.  In America, destructive incursions on our liberty is proceeding apace, like Hans Christian Anderson’s inch worm.   And free people are choosing, defending and promoting it.  And that mental disorder is probably stamped on their DNA — a gene to accept subjugation.


    But here’s a little wrinkle.  Like all totalitarians, they don’t want subjugation for themselves, only for others.   The elite totalitarian population — journalists, celebrities, professors, politicians , empty-headed students — will happily chip away at the freedom of others and this  disorder puts them in denial that they themselves will be totalitarianated. (I just made up that word.)     Because totalitarianism knows no limits.  It may take longer to get to them, but it will get them.

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