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    What Is Romney Hiding?

    Just askin’

    This is the calling card complaint  made by people about Romney when they wonder why he’s only released two years of tax returns. Another way it’s put is “If he has nothing to hide, why won’t he release them?”  (An ad of pictures of presidents who have revealed their tax returns indicates Romney only released 1 year of tax returns.   Another Democrat deception — it’s been two years,  not one.

    Okay, let’s get real.  Let’s think about this.  If Romney hasn’t filed tax returns over the past ten years, does anyone in their right mind think that the IRS wouldn’t have been on his ass by now?  Knowing what we do about this buzzard bureaucracy, who’ll come after you for unreported profits from a lemonade stand, do we REALLY think that they OVERLOOKED Mitt Romney?  What the hell are people smoking?

    What is he hiding, then?  That he made a lot of money?  Big effin’ deal.  Lots of people make lots of money.   Many of them Democrats and Liberals.   Do you have a problem with that?  I don’t.  If you do, why?

    Is he hiding the fact that he didn’t pay ANY taxes some of those years as the scurvy Harry Reid suggested from unnamed sources?  Like … you think the IRS wouldn’t have noticed?

    Is he hiding the fact that he took advantage of EVERY LOOPHOLE AND SHELTER that our Congress, Democrat and Republican, put in the tax code to satisfy their Republican AND Democrat cronies and constituents so that THEY can take advantage of the same loopholes and tax shelters as Romney might have?  Is that it?

    If it is, then tough.   Until you fix Congress, this shit happens.  And Romney is no different from every other “rich” American.  Hey, General Electric hasn’t paid ANY taxes.

    Romney’s income, as that of Warren Buffett’s and other mega monied citizens doesn’t come from salaries.  It comes from dividends and capital gains on their massive investments, which is taxed at around thirteen or fourteen percent.  That’s not fair, you say.   Boo-hoo.  Wahhh-wahhh.  Well, don’t blame Romney, blame the Congress who wrote those 80,000 pages of tax code that allowed this to happen under our noses while we were staring  at our plasma TV’s.  (Yes, it’s eighty thousand pages long.)

    So for now, let’s cut this crap about what Romney’s hiding.  It’s stupid.

    I’m bemused by this progressive “hiding” outrage because the same thing could be said about Obama, the most secretive and mysterious president we’ve ever had.  This guy is a stealth president.  A president who was never vetted by the press.  A president who was never seriously questioned about anything by the press.  A President whom the media allowed to waltz into the White House with no serious investigating of his life or beliefs.

    So, let’s play the same game.

    What the hell is Obama hiding?

    Still just askin’

    • He won’t release his Occidental College, Columbia College and Harvard College transcripts.   What is he hiding?
    • He won’t release his Illinois State Senate schedule and records, nor his Chicago client list.   What is he hiding?          (Could it be because one of those clients was ACORN?  Hmmmm.  What is he hiding?)
    • He won’t release records about his student loans (of which there were none? Why not?)  What is he hiding?
    • He won’t tell us who paid for his college education at Harvard (and elsewhere.)  There are no records of him taking student loans.   Who footed the bill?  Some say a Saudi prince.   Damn, what is he hiding?
    • And that Communist party group he joined in Chicago.  What is he hiding?
    • And what EXACTLY is his relationship with Bill Ayres, the former Weather Underground leader who killed two police officers and a Brinks guard and bombed 24 sites and who says now he only regrets he didn’t do more.  What is Obama hiding?

            All kind of silly, isn’t it!?

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