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    Women vs. Kavanaugh

    I’ve boeen reading and listening a lot to the ongoing sickening confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanaugh.  Despite an FBI report that found no corroboative evidence to support her claims of all kinds of sexual malfeasance on the part of Judge Kavanaugh, I see posts on facebook that continue the most sordid, unproven allegations against.

    Just recently, I saw a post from a wonderful, very intelligent colleague that was very disturbing.  If this person can write something like this outlandish facebook post, where does his/her sanity come from, if at all.  The twisted impression and belief by this person saddens me greatly because this person otherwise is a terrific acquaintance, sometimes colleague and very responsible.  But this … ? to me is beyond the pale.

    “If confirmed, Kavanaugh will never be considered a legitimate Supreme Court Justice. He has shown himself to be biased in the extreme, a liar under oath, petulant, belligerent and most likely a drinker still. Never mind that he assaulted someone – I guess since it was a woman it doesn’t count, at least to the republican senators. This is a very dangerous path we are headed down. I fear for the future of our country.”

    We only have to fear from thinkers like you.  What the hell were you watching?

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